Master Fuel Table

Detailed comparison of all Unleaded Racing Fuels available in the Australian Market Place.

Most people believe that the octane number of a fuel will determine which is the best fuel for them, believing the higher the octane the more powerful the race fuel. The octane number is not a value of power, and therefore many people will be surprised to know that a 104 octane unleaded fuel can easily outperform a 109 or 110 octane unleaded fuel in many cases!

As each engine, each racing application is different, selecting the right race fuel, is determined by a wide range of factors.

If you provide us with the information we need, we can provide you with expert advice from our many years of experience in the supply of racing fuels into the West Australian Market.

Specific Gravity – What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

Specific Gravity

Definition: specific gravity (noun) – the ratio of the density of any substance to the density of some other substance taken as standard, water being the standard for liquids and solids, and hydrogen or air being the standard for gases.

For fuels, specific gravity can be determined by dividing the density of the fuel (in units of pounds per gallon) by the density of water (8.325 pounds per gallon). Let’s look at one example.

Sunoco Supreme weighs 5.95 pounds per gallon. Applying some math: 5.95 / 8.325 = 0.715. So Supreme has a specific gravity of 0.715.

If Fuel A has a lower specific gravity than Fuel B, Fuel A is said to be “lighter” than Fuel B. Literally, a gallon of Fuel A weighs less than a gallon of Fuel B. Sunoco Standard has a specific gravity of 0.728, so it is said to be “heavier” than Supreme.

Why does this matter? Well there are two reasons.

First, specific gravity has an impact on fuel metering, especially for carbureted engines. A heavier fuel is of course denser, so the float in a carb’s float bowl will sit higher than if a lighter fuel was used. If the float sits higher, the fuel level will be lower. Fuel level affects fuel metering in a number of ways, so if you’re switching fuels, pay attention to the fuel level in the bowls.

For most race fuels, specific gravity is also an indication of the composition. Note that the words “most” and “indication” were used – there are exceptions. However, for most race fuels, a lower specific gravity suggests a faster-burning fuel, while a higher specific gravity suggests a fuel is slower-burning. This is because most light hydrocarbons used to make a race fuel are faster burning than most heavier hydrocarbons. This matters because faster-burning fuels usually require less spark advance than slower-burning fuels.

This does not necessarily mean that a “Heavier” fuel is less suitable. You need to take into account the application and engine design. Is it a naturally aspirated circuit car, supercharged V8 at the Drags or a Go kart running ultra high RPM’s. These are just some of the factors to take into account when choosing your fuel.

So in addition to paying attention to fuel metering changes when switching race fuels, you also need to pay attention to ignition timing as well. We’re not talking huge changes here, but these changes are important to the proper tuning and consistent performance of your race engine.

Please Note

  • The data collected below has been sourced from the Manufacturers data pages where possible.
  • Some data has been sourced from alternative locations due to missing or incorrect data (Very common from secondary site replicating data from the Parent manufacturing website).
  • This information is for reference purposes only and should not be used in basing your fuel requirement decisions without consultation first with an informed fuel supplier.
  • This page is a work in progress and will be continually updated with more information as it becomes available.
Cheetah JFP 10088
Cheetah JFP 10595103.5099.80.7837.00.00Ethanol
Elf LMS89.7101.795.70.7652.605.50Unknown
Elf Race 10288102950.7503.70Toluene / Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether
ETS 100 MA-38699.8092.90Unknown
ETS ESC HO961101030.7592.70Unknown
ETS ESR GC49110497.500.7854.40Unknown
ETS EXTRA MAX90101.5095.750.7563.60Unknown
ETS HISTORIC CARS9010195.500.562.60Unknown
ETS IRF10290102960.7472.60Unknown
ETS Jet Ski 890104970.7673.60Unknown
ETS XPRODRAG 297106101.500.7687.20Unknown
Martini Grand Prix 70090102960.7653.487.20Ethanol
Martini Super Turbo 1400981101040.8403.656.80Ethanol
Panta CX1011091050.7582.706.85Unknown
Panta KR189.8098.3094.050.7873.00Ethanol / MMT
Panta MAX90102960.7613.707.28Unknown
Panta NS 1028910295.500.7482.659.00Unknown
Panta SIX1021181100.7814.505.00Unknown
Panta XS106115110.500.7794.655.83Unknown
Powerplus 98+8898930.7551.048.10Ethanol
Powerplus 99+8899940.7551.048.00Ethanol
Powerplus 100+88100950.7593.667.80Ethanol
Powerplus 102+90102960.7653.487.20Ethanol
Powerplus 102NE88102940.7650.00
Powerplus 105+94105990.7833.488.00Ethanol
Powerplus 108+961081020.7887.659.10Ethanol
Powerplus 110+981101040.8403.656.80Ethanol
Sunoco 260 GT951051000.7343.706.40Ethanol
Sunoco 260 GT Plus981101040.7614.706.10Ethanol
Sunoco 260 GTX93103980.7620.004.70
Sunoco APEX90100950.7442.609.00Ethanol
Sunoco Evo 101001101050.76510.007.10Ethanol / MMT
Sunoco FR90102960.7433.709.00Ethanol
Sunoco Green E1593104980.7455.606.10Ethanol
Sunoco Optima9298950.7200.008.00
Sunoco SS 100961041000.7153.506.80Ethanol
VP C990.4097.50940.7180.008.10
VP C1096.10105100.600.7650.004.02
VP C5088102950.7126.7510MTBE
VP CR999399960.7143.806.00MTBE
VP Motorsport 100
VP Motorsport 109991091040.7259.324.06MTBE
VP QM25 / SV0599.50111105.250.7434.704.01MTBE
VP ROO 9993.1099.596.300.7123.776.70MTBE
VP ROO 10090100950.7112.708.00MTBE
VP RX1028910295.500.7563.457.65MTBE
P1 102RX Evo289.410295.700.7643.65
P1 Extreme961181070.8197.27
P1 Extreme+971171070.81810.00