Welcome to Racing Fuels WA

Our business specialises in the sourcing and supply of the highest quality race fuels available on the market. Our main business, Racing Performance Works, began with the marketing of VP Racing Fuels and Coogee Racing Methanol.

With a need for a growing range of fuels , a decision was made to set-up a separate website to provide the latest information and the largest range of fuels available in the Western Australian market place.

With continued expansion this led to the addition of brands including Sunoco, ERC, Powerplus, Panta and P1 Racing Fuels. We are now the premier source of fuel in Western Australia for the Western Australian racing fraternity.

Our business has continued to grow and we continue to increase the product range every year, focusing on maintaining consistent stock levels and pricing which has is why where our service excels over other racing fuel outlets that have some other primary business, with racing fuels as a secondary side income.

The secondary products related to racing fuels, being oils, fuel accessories and fuel additives, to name but a few has also expanded with us now marketing brands like Joe Gibbs Driven Oils, Powerplus Lubricats (USA), VP Racing Fuel (Ancillary products), Alky Racing Products (Australian product) to name just a few.

Knowledge and Experience

David Thomas, Manager, is heavily involved in most forms of racing at club levels including Drag Racing, Circuit Racing and Tarmac Road Rallies. We know how expensive it is to compete in high level motor sport, and are constantly doing our best to provide as large a range of fuels as possible, in a range of pricing options to meet your budget.

Being a tuner of race vehicles, we not only sell fuels but are able to provide accurate advice on which fuel is best suited to your application. Our in house dyno enables us to perform all our own testing of all the fuels we sell and provide informed feedback back to you, the customer. This is something that you don’t find at any normal reseller of fuels.

With our focus on expanding the sales in the hobby fuel range, we have been marketing VP Powermaster and Morgans Hobby Fuels, along with a growing demand for our raw nitro ingredients including hobby oils and additive.

We have been the nominated supplier to several large Australian National Racing Events held in Western Australia, and are frequently contacted by sports groups to provide international racers the fuels they require.

Which Products do we market?

We provide fuels for all forms of racing including Drag Racing, Speedway, Circuit Racing, Rallying, Tarmac Rallying, Speed Boats and all forms of water sports, Go Karts, Motorcycles to name but just a few.

We currently stock the following range of fuels and additives

  • Cool Power / Morgans Hobby Fuels and Oils
  • Joe Gibbs Driven Oils
  • P1 Racing Fuels – WA Distributor
  • Octopus Tyre Grip – WA Distributor
  • Panta Racing Fuels – WA Distributor
  • Powerplus Lubricants – Australian Distributor
  • Powerplus Racing Fuels – WA Distributor
  • Redox Racing Methanol – Premium Methanol
  • Racing Fuels WA Methanol – Economical High Grade Methanol
  • Sunoco Racing Fuels – Independent Australian Distributor
  • VP Racing Fuels and Additives – Independent Australian Distributor
  • VP PowerMaster Hobby Fuels – Independent Australian Distributor

What services do we offer?

We provide many services for West Australian racers and interstate customers who frequently join our state for large events.

Interstate customers need only contact us in advance so that we can ensure we meet there requirements

Fuels are provided in either 20, 25, 60 or 200 Litre quantities depending upon the brand. There is no need to provide your own drums, all fuel is already provided in containers.

Racing Fuels WA have in the past, provided both controlled fuels and been the recommended supplier of fuels for interstate and international racing meets. We welcome any inquiries from any clubs or organisers who need large volumes of fuel provided at any specific locations.

We now also have an Ebay Online Sales option for a growing range of products for those wanting to purchase online. The link is now on the top menu.

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