Redox Methanol Redox Methanol is an Imported Methanol that is 99.95% Pure. Redox Methanol, engines run cooler and are less subject to corrosion. There are no added chemicals, lubricants or oils with this Methanol. It is classed as a “Virgin Methanol” meaning it is sealed from the manufacturer and marketed accordingly. This is our main brand line now stocked and has proven to be as consistent and reliable as our

Sunoco Racing Methanol A long-time favorite of sprints, carters, and truck pullers, Sunoco Methanol gives maximum performance under various conditions. The excellent cooling properties it provides means the hotter the weather, the better Alky works. Sunoco Methanol burns clean and is well known as a top performer! Sunoco Methanol being 99.95% pure, has that edge of all other non – enhanced Methanol’s. If you are chasing after that last 1/10

VP Nitro Race racing Nitro-methane VP Racing Fuels produces VP NITRO RACE™ racing nitro-methane with the highest purity and consistency. Used by top teams in drag racing around the world, VP NITRO RACE™ satisfies NHRA specifications for Top Fuel and Funny Car. Filtration when manufactured is more than tripled in comparison to other Chinese manufactured nitro methanol fuels. Highly prized in Drag Racing, this is equally at home with Australian

Powerplus Racing Methanol  Powerplus Racing Methanol our methanol has a 99.9% minimum purity and is triple filtered to the highest purity available in Australia. Recommended for all methanol legal racing applications. Coogee Methanol is no longer produced and all stocks within Australia have now been used. Save