VP C85 Bio-ethanol Racing Fuel  If you’re committed to using E85 type fuels, C85 is by far your best choice. Conventional E85 fuels are notoriously inconsistent, requiring up to a two-jet swing in tuning from one batch of E85 to the next. By contrast, C85 is blended with a consistent proportion of ethanol and every other component in every drum. In addition to taking all the guesswork out of tuning,

Sunoco Green E15 Bio-ethanol Racing Fuels Sunoco® Green E15™ is a highly oxygenated unleaded race fuel that contains 15 volume percent ethanol. Because it contains more oxygen than most fuels, fuel system changes may be needed to extract peak performance from Green E15. This is specially suited to high compression naturally aspirated engines and water sport engines wanting to go to the limit of oxygenation. Sunoco Green E15 contains a

Powerplus E85 Bio-ethanol Racing Fuel Powerplus E85 is not corrosive like methanol it includes all the anti corrosives and lubricants and does not leave carbon deposits like petrol so maintenance is reduced across the board, your spark plugs and oil stays looking like new. Powerplus E85 has a higher RON Rating due to higher filtration during the Blending process, but some engines may not necessarily produce greater gains due to