Octopus Grip Tyre Softener Using Octopus Grip Tyre Softener for best results … Octopus Grip was specially designed to reduce the ongoing running costs of motorsports while improving racing performance. Developed by an Industrial Chemist to Australian Standards Octopus Grip can help give you the edge in your sport… Octopus Grip is simple and easy to use… 1. A few days prior to your race, ensure tyres are clean and

Joe Gibbs Coolant System Protector Impurities in well water can cause rust and corrosion inside the radiator, water pump and cylinder heads, and this can lead to a loss of cooling efficiency. Joe Gibbs Driven Coolant System Protector stops the adverse effect of hard water better than the leading brand of coolant additive Stops the adverse effect of hard water better than the leading brand of coolant additives Protects against

VP C5 Octane Booster Fuel Additive Formulated by VP Racing, official racing fuel of NHRA Championship drag racing & manufacturer of the best racing fuel & performance products since 1975. C5 octane booster uses the only truly effective octane improver – MMT — to provide the greatest octane increase available despite the absurd claims of some competitive products. Directions: For Maximum results, add one full bottle of C5 octane booster

Alky Race Product Fuel Flush Fuel Flush absorbs residual methanol/nitro and leaves a lubricating film to protect against fuel gelling damage and corrosion. For many years now we have all believed penetrating oil was the best lubricant to use after racing to protect and preserve alcohol fuel systems, with today’s technology you would never use a penetrating oil again. Penetrating oil of any kind is BAD NEWS in an alky