Octopus Grip Tyre Softener Octropus Grip

Using Octopus Grip Tyre Softener for best results …

Octopus Grip was specially designed to reduce the ongoing running costs of motorsports while improving racing performance.

Developed by an Industrial Chemist to Australian Standards Octopus Grip can help give you the edge in your sport…

Octopus Grip is simple and easy to use…

1. A few days prior to your race, ensure tyres are clean and scuffed.
2. Apply Octopus Grip with a clean paint brush.
3. Wrap in industrial grade plastic wrap. Simple!

Depending on the condition of your tyres, several coats may be required.

Older Tyre’s.

Some older tyres may require a few treatments and usage before optimum results are gained – the hardened outer layer must be penetrated. For best results on older or harder semi slick tyres apply two coats and allow to absorb overnight, apply another two coats, wrap and your done!

Hill climb soft slick tyres.

Do not over treat, the softer the tyre the more dramatic Octopus Grip works. Usually one coat is sufficient to bring an older hill climb slick tyre back to life.

Do not over treat your tyres, Octopus Grip works very well and brings your older tyres back into life with one to 4 coats, see the guide above as a starting point, experiment to see what suits your vehicle and type of racing.