Sunoco Green E15 Bio-ethanol Racing Fuels Sunoco_GreenE15

Sunoco® Green E15™ is a highly oxygenated unleaded race fuel that contains 15 volume percent ethanol. Because it contains more oxygen than most fuels, fuel system changes may be needed to extract peak performance from Green E15.

This is specially suited to high compression naturally aspirated engines and water sport engines wanting to go to the limit of oxygenation.

Sunoco Green E15 contains a comprehensive additive package that helps keep fuel systems clean, enhances shelf life and reduces fuel system deposits. It should be stored in opaque, tightly sealed containers and kept where temperatures are stable.

Properly stored, the shelf life of Sunoco Green E15 is in excess of 1 year.


  • Colour : Clear
  • Motor Octane : 93
  • Research Octane : 104
  • R+M/2 : 98
  • Oxygen Content : 5.6 Mass%
  • Ethanol Volume : 15%

Sunoco E85-RSunoco E85-R Bio-ethanol Racing Fuel

Sunoco E85-R is an unleaded racing fuel containing 85 volume % ethanol.  It can only be used in fuel systems designed specifically for E85 blends.  Because it is highly oxygenated and requires increased fuel flow compared to conventional non-oxygenated fuels, consult with your fuel injection system or carburetor supplier for correct air/fuel ratio calibrations.

Sunoco E85-R is blended to consistently contain 85% ethanol.  The non-ethanol portion of Sunoco E85-R is comprised of highly-refined race fuel hydrocarbons for stability and consistency.  Sunoco E85 is blended from Corn Starch, not sugar cane and does not have the same issue of chemical residue left on cylinder ports and injectors. This form of Ethanol aids in producing a higher octane and ultimately, a superior fuel.

All other E85’s currently manufactured within Australia all utilise a 98 RON 15% petrol base. Sunoco E85-R utilises the 260GTX 103 RON 15% petrol base making this truly the highest octane based E85 on the market.

Sunoco E85-R does not contain metallic additives and will not harm oxygen sensors. Do not let the specifications below mislead you, like many race fuels the numbers only tell a very small part of the story. This is without a doubt, the highest horsepower producing E85 on the market.


Research Octane Number – ( RON) 120+
Motor Octane Number – (MON) 99+
Colour – Pale Green
Density @ 15ºC – 0.790

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