VP Nitro Race racing Nitro-methane VP Nitro Race

VP Racing Fuels produces VP NITRO RACE™ racing nitro-methane with the highest purity and consistency.

Used by top teams in drag racing around the world, VP NITRO RACE™ satisfies NHRA specifications for Top Fuel and Funny Car.

Filtration when manufactured is more than tripled in comparison to other Chinese manufactured nitro methanol fuels.

Highly prized in Drag Racing, this is equally at home with Australian Hobby Cars, Airplanes and Helicopters.

Whilst this product is still imported into Australia, it is extremely expensive in comparison to our many alternative Nitro-methane suppliers and is mostly suited for top end Drag Racing customers.

VP M1 Racing Methanol VP M1 Methanol

VP M-1 Racing Methanol has a 99.95% minimum purity.

With VP M-1, engines run cooler and are less subject to corrosion.

VP uses only lined drums which prohibit rust, corrosion and metal deposits that can contaminate fuel delivery systems.

Recommended for all methanol-legal racing applications.

This fuel is the only VP Methanol allowed to be used by Andra Drag Racing.

This is 100% imported “Virgin Methanol” from the USA.

This is especially popular for the smaller engine vehicles which do not use large qauntites like Motorcycles and Junior Dragsters.

VP M5 Racing Methanol VP M5 Methanol

M5 is simply the best performing methanol on the market.

Using nitrated compounds to make more power M5 will also offer better protection against detonation than normal methanol’s.

M5 also reduces noxious methanol fumes, M5 is not pure methanol and won’t pass a water test.

This is particularly effective in Speedway Applications especially the smaller motorcycle engines

M5 is also known as Roo5.

M5 is enhanced over normal methanol’s by actively reducing the effects of Methanol from rejoining into larger puddles once past the carburetor.

This is how it provides better atomisation and more effective combustion process, producing greater efficiency, consistency and power.