ERC Max ULB Racing Fuel ERC Racing Fuel

ERC Max ULB Racing Gasoline’s are completely unleaded high density (specific gravity) racing gasoline’s specifically designed to work in heavily supercharged or turbocharged race engines and/or in normally aspirated, high compression engines where high fuel mileage with unleaded fuels is desirable and long periods at WOT (Wide Open Throttle) are typical.

No organo-metallic additives are used.

In back to back dyno testing with IMSA GTP and GTO style turbo-charged engines, ERC-Max ULB has proven to be equal or superior to some leaded race fuels which showed higher F-1 and F-2 rated octanes. Additionally, in this testing, spark plug deposit formation was all but eliminated.

ERC-Max ULB has been primarily designed to operate in turbo applications with high manifold pressures and to provide outstanding combustion space convective cooling, also works well in normally aspirated applications, offering better mileage and excellent convective cooling of the combustion space.

These have been designed-in low Reid Vapour Pressures (RVP) to enhance fuel metering consistency and to minimise fuel system vapour/liquid ratios.

In certified A-B-A testing, no other unleaded gasoline (including some with higher claimed octanes) octane rated higher than these fuels.


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