Cool Power Performance Synthetic Cool Power Green

For over 35 years Cool Power’s quality and performance have been proven again and again.

In countless competitions and endless hours of weekend flying, it exceeds the demands of the most demanding pilots.

This is why it continues to be the #1 Selling Fuel worldwide. Continued improvement in synthetic formulation is what gives Cool Power its advantage.

It combines high-temperature performance and protection for the unique conditions of model engines. Cool Power is the confirmed Global Benchmark for Synthetic Model Fuels.


 Cool Power MV Multi-Viscosity Cool Power MV

For more than 35 years, Cool Power has been helping modelers achieve maximum performance and protection.

Our latest innovation Cool Power MV takes model engine lubrication to the next level.

Its exclusive formulation combines the low viscosity lubricant used in our #1 selling 30% Heli and the unmatched high viscosity lubricant used in our traditional Cool Power to give you the best of both worlds – complete protection and the highest level of performance when you need it.

Cool Power MV – proven technology you can rely on.


 Cool Power Premium Heli Fuels Cool Power Heli

Cool Power Heli Fuels are high performance synthetic fuel blends specially engineered for the harsh conditions associated with Helicopter flying.

Proven in competition, our additive package is engineered to maximize horsepower and deliver extreme wear protection.

Premium synthetic lubricants are used to insure flight after faultless flight.

It is no wonder Cool Power Heli is the choice of top pilots globally. If you want unsurpassed engine performance, choose the choice of Champions – Cool Power Heli.


 Cool Power Omega Cool Power Omega

Omega Fuel is the worldwide #1 selling castor/synthetic blend, because of its unique balance of reliability, performance and protection.

Due to its excellent idle, acceleration and top end, Omega’s formula is the benchmark for the industry.

It has remarkable performance characteristics in A.B.C. and A.B.N. engines particularly in hot installations.

Omega Fuel uses our CleanCastorTM, the cleanest burning castor oil with superb lubricating properties as well as an ability to disperse inside your engine for added protection.