VP PowerWash Cleaning FluidVP Powerwash

VP Racing Fuels today introduced VP Power-Wash, the newest product in its Consumer Products portfolio.

VP Power-Wash is a powerful cleaner specifically formulated for the unique demands of power sports, R/C hobby vehicles and other applications.

Available in three formulas – “Moto,” “R/C” and “Super Concentrated” – VP Power-Wash features a concentrated dual-action detergent that rapidly dissolves caked up dirt and mud, suspends and floats away dirt and grease, without leaving streaks or spots.

The “Super Concentrated” Formula is packaged in gallons and can be used alone for extremely dirty, muddy and/or large applications such as off-road vehicles or dirt track cars, as well as to refill Moto or R/C spray bottles when diluted with water.

VP Power-Wash is formulated with the same type of leading technology and passion for performance that our ‘Mad Scientist’ brings to our race fuels.”