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Racing Fuels WA is the largest stockist and supplier of all major racing fuels in Western Australia. All your Race Fuels in one place

What Do We Offer?

We provide fuels for all forms of racing including Drag Racing, Speedway, Circuit Racing, Rallying, Tarmac Rallying, Speed Boats, Water sports, Go Karts, Motorcycles to name but just a few.

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Our Services

We provide the following services for West Australian, Interstate and International Racers.

Stocked Brand Lines

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Coogee Racing Methanol Logo

Coogee Racing Methanol – When only the best will do

As Australia’s only methanol producer, Coogee Chemicals produces without question the most popular 99.99% pure Methanol product in the Australian market place.

Extensively used in Australian motorsport,there is no purer Methanol available. This product is re-branded by many fuel firms because of its high quality. There are also many importers of Methanol claiming there product is Coogee, without the same quality control.

ERC Racing Fuels Logo

ERC “Combustion Technology That Wins Races”

After 44 years of custom blending fuels, ERC has been produced custom blends meeting some very unique application specific requirements.

We started out doing blends of this type, and over done specific custom fuels for everything from model airplanes, classic vintage sport cars, super-bikes, Reno air racers to NHRA pro-stock cars.

USA Quality, imported into Australia with a wide range of applications.

Wilmar Bio-ethanol Fuels

Wilmar Bio-ethanol is a leading Australian producer and importer of ethanol products, supplying a significant share to the growing fuel market in Australia.

Wilmar, previously branded as CSR and Sucrogen, has been powering the V8 Super Cars since 2009 and many performance vehicles in all forms of motorsport.

Professionally blended, this is a superior product to Ethanol fuels found at petrol station pumps.

Powerplus Racing Fuels Logo

Powerplus Racing Fuels

Powerplus Racing Fuels reputation has now grown to be synonymous with superior performance and consistency. We focus on making power for race teams, without the distractions inherent to our competitors businesses.

All Powerplus Racing Fuels and additives are manufactured, packaged, tested and stored at our site located in the Melbourne.

High quality Petrol and Ethanol blended fuels, our customers are found at most forms of motorsport, with many fuels homo-ligated with various racing classes.

Sunoco Racing Fuel Logo

Sunoco Race Fuels – Winning with the best

Winning on today’s racing tracks requires more than an exceptional driver and a well-built car. It takes high-performance racing fuels that are willing to go the distance.

As the largest manufacturer and refiner of racing fuels in the world, Sunoco has nearly five decades of winning performances.

Supplying both Petrol and Ethanol fuels, they can be found in every form of motorsport within Australia. With an growing range of fuels, these fuels will exceed your expectations.

VP Racing Fuels Logo

VP Racing Fuels – World Leader in Race Fuel Technology

Offering you the world’s best performing race fuel blends, customised for motorsports.

Each of VP’s fuels is designed for optimum performance in a specific application – including yours.

When you crave the most power, best performance and must-have fuel consistency, you need VP Racing Fuels.

Joe Gibbs Driven Logo

Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oils

Driven Racing Oil, born from Joe Gibbs Racing, is formulated specifically for all-out race and high performance engines.

Our NASCAR championship winning formula protects our 9,000 RPM, Flat-Tappet engines for over 500 miles of competition, and our oils are used by other championship winning engine builders to conquer the grueling 24 hours of Daytona and the Baja 1000.

Used by the best, for the best and winning more races than any other brand on the market.

AMSOIL – 40 Years of Industry Leadership

AMSOIL specializes in developing synthetic lubricants that offer innovative answers to the greatest challenges vehicles and equipment present.

The extraordinary performance of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in a range of markets – automotive, power-sports, industrial, racing and more – has made our influence in the industry unmistakable and our brand highly respected.

Manhatton Oil and Liquid Horsepower

Proudly distributing the Power Plus Lubricants, Liquid Horsepower Octane Booster/Fuel improver and the innovative Fuel Fragrances to the Australian market.

Our success is achieved by not compromising on quality and maintaining an ongoing commitment to research and development.

Manhattan Oil takes pride in the fact that its products give customers immediate results that can be seen on the dyno, clocked at the track, and literally felt at the throttle.

Cool Power Logo

Cool Power Hobby Fuels & Lubricants

The Morgan Fuel Brand quickly is synonymous with superior protection and performance. Our legendary products became America’s and the World’s top performance fuels.

The Morgan Fuel’s family of Cool Power, Sidewinder, Omega and our private label fuels make us the World’s largest selling model engine fuel company.

VP Powermaster Logo

VP Powermaster Hobby Fuel Products

The most trusted name in hobby fuel technology is back, and better than ever. Better because PowerMaster® Premium Model Engine Fuel is now performance engineered by VP Racing Fuels®, the World Leader in Race Fuel Technology.

VP® transformed the time-tested formulation of PowerMaster into a world-class fuel using its world-class facility and nothing less than the purest ingredients available.

Alky Products Fuel Additives

Alky Race Products

Australian manufactured upper cylinder lubricants, Fuel Flush and Pump Lube for engines running Methanol and Nitro.

The Fuel Flush is unique being the only product designed for flushing methanol fuel lines with no residue left behind.

Watch our for an expanding line of products from this Premium Australian

Octogrip Tyre Softener

Octopus Grip Tyre Softener

Octopus Grip is the Premium Tyre Softener developed specifically for all types of motorsports.

Octopus Grip is proudly Australian owned, operated and Manufactured to Australian Standards.

This is not significantly less toxic and easier to work with compared to other brands on the marketplace, and is very popular for those wanting to resurrect an old set of tyres.

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